265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine
265 Coffee Machine

265 Coffee Machine

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【2-IN-1 Brewing Options】 - Brew it your way, Designed for use with  Ground Coffee, but also its compatible with the Originalline Nespresso capsules. The Porta-filter holder and Capsules holder lets you easily  choose how and what way you brew.

【19 Bar Pressure For High-Quality Extraction】- This Sboly espresso machine has a 19 bar high-pressure pump that creates an incomparably dense, creamy, and sumptuous coffee extraction, that maximizes the coffee beans natural oils aroma and overall quality for maximum espresso flavor extraction.

【Adjustable Steam Tube & Nozzle】 - A slim, portable design and the ability to create delicious foam in a matter of seconds. This is a serious, high-end frother that makes tiny bubbles for the smoothest, thickest foam for frothy cappuccinos and silky smooth lattes.

【NTC Temperature Control and Double Fuse Protection】- Sweet, delicious and nuanced flavor begins with precise control for proper flavor and taste extraction, to put it simply – coffee just tastes better when served hot.  This Sboly espresso maker is equipped for protection from overheating with dual fuses.

【Convenient and Fast】-- The removable water tank and detachable drip tray offers ease of use. There is a convenient warm cup function at the top of the machine, so you never lose that freshly brewed feel and the preheating of the steam wand takes only 35sec.


What are the advantages of Sboly espresso machine?


2 Ways to Brew

Are you still torn between choosing pump espresso machine and espresso machine?  Sboly coffee and espresso machine has two ways to brew coffee. The innovative machine is designed for both Nespresso pod capsules and coffee ground.


19 Bar Pressure

This pressure brings the coffee full play for incredible aroma, intense flavors, and distinctive character and quality of the coffee. Sboly coffee and espresso machine can make excellent espresso with great crema.


Fast Brewing

Sboly espresso maker machine with steam preheat function. It only takes 35s to complete the preheating. In 1 minute or less, perfect espresso is ready.


Adjustable Steam Tube & Nozzle

Sboly espresso coffee machine is equipped with adjustable steam Tube & Nozzle, which can make creamy froth to top off your cappuccinos and lattes. Savor the silky taste and velvety mouth feel of true micro foam milk.


Easy to Clean

Sboly Espresso maker machine has built-in unique semi-automatic cleaning and descaling function. Detachable drip tray and removable water tank for easy use.


Safe and Convenient Design

Double Fuse Protection makes the coffee machine more reliable and more durable. Sboly pump Espresso Machine has a removable water tank, making it easier to add water. The top of the machine has warm cup function.This espresso machine  makes your life more convenient.


What accessories will you get?

1* Measure spoon with tamper

1* Single cup filter

1* Double cup filter

1* Porta-filter holder

1* Capsules holder (compatible with the Originalline Nespresso capsules.)


One machine meets all your needs. It has two ways to brew coffee. It not only can be brewed with coffee powder, but also compatible with the Originalline Nespresso capsules.

Across the machines can make a shot of espresso or latte for much less than you'd pay in a cafe.

Flexible Steam Tube & Nozzle                                      

Mixes steam, air, and milk to prepare creamy milk frother.


Removable Water Tank

Improves the Espresso-making experience with effortless refills and convenience.


Detachable Drip Tray                     

Easy cleaning and remove to fit your cup size.


19 Bar Pressure

The pressure that allows to get  a delicious layer of natural cream, extracted from coffee oils, Maximum Flavor Extraction.


Warm Tip:
1. Be sure not to fill water past the MAX marking.
2. Clean the froth wand as soon as possible after frothing.
3. Disconnect the appliance from the mains and let it cool before cleaning it with a damp cloth.
4. Put a cloth under the frothing nozzle when steaming commences, it may become damp.
5. The frothing wand needs to be fully submerged during the time of steaming to reduce splashing.
6. Before brewing espresso, please preheat the coffee maker.
7. Do not exceed the MAX mark on the funnel. A spoonful of the coffee spoon is about 7g powder. When making coffee, you can put 2 tablespoons of powder.
8. Do not push the coffee powder too hard, otherwise, the water will not flow and it will leak from the side.
9.ONLY can be used under EU voltage standard 220V-240V, a voltage converter is needed if used in other countries.


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